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Why Do My Feet Hurt When Wearing 4E Shoes?

Updated: 6/15/2024 If you wear 4E width shoes and are dealing with foot pain, more [...]

Can Orthopedic Shoes Relieve Back Pain?

By supporting and cushioning the feet and lower body, proper inserts can reduce back pain. [...]

What Are Pink Toe? Should I Be Conserned?

Have you ever heard of pink toes? No, that’s not painting your toenails pink. Pink [...]

Calluses Foot Problem Solutions

Calluses. That’s a very common foot condition for both men and women’s feet.  Calluses [...]

Plantar Fasciitis Foot Pain Solution – Long Term

Plantar fasciitis very common foot problem, especially in the tennis, pickleball and running world. How [...]

Heal Spur Pain. How Proper Shoes and Inserts Will Help

Dealing with heel spurs? Protruding or inward heel spur? I’m going to give you some [...]

Gout In Foot? How Proper Shoes and Inserts Can Help

Are you suffering from gout? Men or women, we can help you. Gout is related [...]

Arthritis In The Foot. Can Shoes and Inserts Help?

Arthritis in the foot. Can proper footwear and inserts help that situation? The answer is [...]

Why Your Feet Are Tired and Sore At End of The Day

After a day of hard work, playing tennis or playing pickleball are your feet tired or [...]

Do Shoes Provide Arch Support?

Do all shoes provide proper arch support? You know, I’ve got questions all the time [...]

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