Do all shoes provide proper arch support?

You know, I’ve got questions all the time with our footwear and it says, “Does your shoes provide a proper arch support?” We provide a very good shank and a very good mid-section support and everything.
But what it takes is this insert. This insert is so important. Here’s a side view. Here’s what you normally get. I mean look at this is so flimsy, it’s not funny. Look at the heel, the raised arch, this is your arch support right in here. And that support is superior.
We have been so impressed with our support system in this insert, that we provide you up to three sets of inserts that are called a triple, heat-moldable, customized insert.
And they come free with every one of your shoe purchases.
And this fills in that arch. I use that quite a bit. Here is your foot that fills, here’s the insert, that fills in the arch and gives you that added support. So, this is a simple way of looking at it. But shoes don’t have a built arch.
They have to have a steel shank. They should and most shoes don’t. Orthopedic therapeutic footwear will. And this is what is the combination of both gives you that full arch and again, good conversations a great deal. I explained that the people that go “Whoa Ron! IAppreciate that. I’ve never heard that from anybody else.”
Well, that is how the arch is fully supported. Now if you have any comments and you want to learn more leave a comment below and we’ll go into more detail. If you’ve got comments, you want to say a little bit more want us to talk to you more about it, we’ll be glad to.
Or if you want you’ve got a new topic you want us to talk about, I’d love to talk about it.
And I’ve got a phone number on our website that you can call me any time that you want. I’ll be answering the phone and I’ll be glad to help you. We’re here to help you.

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