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Foot Corn: Well Fitting Shoes For Corns on Feet

corns on feet
Corns on your feet? We’ll give you a couple of hints to help you actually get rid of the corns. Corns are something that normally, and these are toes or flanges I use an example, are usually inside the toes or on the side of the toe. Because you, over the years, have squeezed those toes so tight and created that’s just irritation. That irritation is protection or corns is body protection that says, .

Andre the Giant Shoe Size is 24!

Andre the Giant Shoe Size is 24!
  Andre the Giant was 7’4” and weight 530 pounds. He wore 24 in his shoe size! Picture of one of his boots that had to be specially made and cost a fortune! Oh NO, we don’t carry Andre’s shoe size that was a 24,  sorry we only go to a 20 in length and for Ladies, we carry up to 15, and if Andre did wear a 20 and needed wider widths – .