Corns on your feet? We’ll give you a couple of hints to help you actually get rid of the corns.

Corns are something that normally, and these are toes or flanges I use an example, are usually inside the toes or on the side of the toe. Because you, over the years, have squeezed those toes so tight and created that’s just irritation.
That irritation is protection or corns is body protection that says, “Hey, you’ve beaten my toes up. I’m going to start putting something in between there as a buffer. Okay?”
Well, you can cut the corns, but they’re going to come back if you still squeeze it. Let’s resolve the problem by you getting orthopedic therapeutic footwear that has a fuller, rounder toe box. That you can wiggle your toes and get the little pinkies and all those toes that freedom that’s so important.
Then you can shave those things off. You can put some Vaseline on it if you want to at night. Wear socks, and it will soften the skin up in the skin start healing, and says, “Oh wow, you’re not squeezing me to death anymore”.
Yes, we’re not. By wearing a therapeutic orthopedic footwear, you will not. Make sure you have the widths, the proper size.
There’s a great sizing program, we have to have one that’s very, very highly claimed.
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