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Meet Ron Heinlein, an inspiring figure whose path transitioned from the world of women’s fashion to becoming a recognized footwear expert, ultimately leading to the foundation of DT Footwear. Ron’s rich background in fashion took an innovative turn when he immersed himself in the creation of DT Footwear. This online shoe store soon became a specialized platform catering to medical conditions like edema, plantar fasciitis, and Charcot.

Under the mentorship of esteemed professionals, Ron expanded his expertise in foot health, enabling him and the DT Footwear team to devise innovative solutions for individuals battling diverse foot ailments. His unwavering commitment to personalized assistance has earned him heartfelt praise from clients who recognize and appreciate his unique expertise.

At DT Footwear, we believe that health, particularly for people living with diabetes, should be of paramount importance. While proper nutrition plays a critical role in managing diabetes, we focus on a component often overlooked – foot health. Under Ron’s visionary guidance, we offer a holistic approach to foot health through high-quality footwear and inserts.

We invite you to experience the benefits of expertly fitted footwear, a crucial step towards maintaining optimal foot health. Combining style and support, we guide you to the ideal pair of shoes to help you manage any issues on the top of your foot. But the secret to foot health doesn’t stop at the shoes – it lies in the right inserts.

Effective management of foot issues extends beyond just the right footwear. Successful off-loading involves three vital elements: correction, enhanced support, and improved circulation, all provided by our Customized Heat Moldable Plastazote Inserts. What’s more, these invaluable inserts are yours for FREE with most shoe purchase from DT Footwear.

We urge you to appreciate the importance of proper foot care. Even a single day with us could educate you about the complications that can arise from improper footwear and foot care neglect. At the same time, you’ll grasp the significance of a balanced diet, coupled with suitable footwear, in maintaining healthy feet at all times.

Driven by Ron’s passion for helping people walk comfortably, the DT Footwear team is committed to positively impacting lives through effective shoe solutions. Our mantra, “Try our two products and feel like you’re walking on a cloud, with more support than you’ve ever experienced,” reflects our pledge to help you not only manage diabetes but to step forward confidently in life.

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