Why Your Feet Are Tired and Sore At End of The Day

sore feet
After a day of hard work, playing tennis or playing pickleball are your feet tired or sore? The problem  with most general footwear, they look very nice, but they have no strength in the midsection. And what you’re doing is that you’re moving sideways, back and forth. You’re playing pickleball, you’re playing tennis, you’re walking, you’re moving both ways. Everything has a fore flex in the front. So, you move forward, everything forward. But when .

6E Shoes Feel Too Tight?

6e shoes too tight
Is your 6E width shoe, and this is for men’s and women’s, are the kind of hurting you? A little too tight? Do you know they do make 9E, 10E, and 14E in women’s and a 7E as well for women? The 9E, 10E, and 14E widths are very important because a lot of 6E are getting more contoured. Companies that are great companies out there are narrowing their toe box making things thinner. .

Shoes For Swollen Feet – They’re Availible!

feet swollen
If you have major swelling in your feet, we can create a comfortable fit for you. I mean it and it is very easy to do. Swelling is something we hear about a great deal. I mean, swelling that your feet are three or four times the size that they should be. And everybody says, “Ron, we can’t get fit. I can’t find shoes for it.” Well, I want to tell you, we’ve got .

Do Shoes Provide Arch Support?

arch support shoes
Do all shoes provide proper arch support? You know, I’ve got questions all the time with our footwear and it says, “Does your shoes provide a proper arch support?” We provide a very good shank and a very good mid-section support and everything. But what it takes is this insert. This insert is so important. Here’s a side view. Here’s what you normally get. I mean look at this is so flimsy, it’s not .

Bottom Of Feet In Pain?

bottom of foot in pain
If the bottom of your foot hurts, we have a solution that’s going to get you out of pain. If the bottom of your feet hurt, you basically have no support underneath your foot. There are ways to correct this by wearing  quality shoe inserts. What you get from an insert from an athletic shoe, a comfort shoe, and so on like that is this. That’s ridiculous because it’s too soft, too flexible, no .