Calling all Men that need an 18 to 20 in length and those great widths from us!!

Does anybody know some gentleman that needs an 18 to 20 in length in their footwear? Please tell them about us! Does this person need 18 to 20 in length but also a 6E  9E 10E 14 E width as well? We got them: Yes, some styles we’ll need, to obtain the width and length go through the special order program and it will take 8 weeks to reach you and an additional charge .

24 questions that can help you find shoes to fit you dealing with Edema

Got a call yesterday that was raving about our selection of sizes and especailly widths for men and ladies. He stated a number of companies, on the internet, boast about their extra wide widths and find out 4E 6E is their widest What are Edema Orthopedic/Therapeutic Shoes? Shoes with a strong midsection and heel counter support.  No bilateral movement.  Yes, Add toe box and instep room.  Then, Add Wiggle room. Added rum for those .

For Diabetics, it is mandatory that you have these Heat Moldable Plastoze Customize Inserts to make the full footwear advantage, that works for your needs as a diabetic!

WITH THESE GREAT INSERTS AND HAVING A SHOE THAT HAS A DIABETIC SHOES CONSTRUCTION HELP? Read This it Will Open Your Eyes! For Optimal Performance Choose Orthotics that mold and support the plantar (bottom) of your foot. has one of the best over-the-counter inserts in the business. A truly moldable insert that conforms to every need for that maximum support to the bottom of your feet. With each new season or about every .

Men, do you need wiggle room in your shoes? You want style, fit, comfort, maximum support better look at us

Ladies if you have just read this blog please tell your husband or loved one about us! Men, does your shoes having any of these four elements of success? 1) Orthopedic lasted 2) Therapeutic constructed 3) Advance Comfort Upper and constructed based 4) Style, the base dealing with a designer styling 5) The best orthoedic insewrts in the shoe business and they come FREE to you! If not, maybe it is time for a .

Why Wider Shoes can have Designer Appearances and Look Great and Fit like a Million Dollars!

WHY ARE WIDE-WIDTH SHOES SO IMPORTANT? For Ladies! I’LL LET THE VIDEO DO ALL THE EXPLAINING. SEXY LADY SANDALS AND MEN’S MASCULINE STYLING IN ALL OUR FAMOUS WIDTHS. DOES ANYBODY NEED EXTRA WIDE WIDTHS FOR MEN AND WOMEN? /DTFOOTWEAR.COM    Ladies, have you been spending your summers wearing thin-soled, flat-bottomed, very stylish sandals and wonder why your feet are causing you so much discomfort?  Cute sandals don’t always mean comfortable, and comfortable sandals don’t have to forgo style.  At DTFootwear, we .