Special Order Shoes

Here’s a video that explains the process of ordering “special order footwear” and that is for added color (that we don’t stock) or developed a style in the 9E 10E or 14E widths for men and women.

This is a quick video highlighting some of the difference between a typiclall shoe and a 14E wide shoe.

You can special order all styles found in the Men’s 9 E section or Ladies any stye you find in the 7E 10E 14E section. The prices for Special Order shoes will have the price on each size and width that is involved.

Make sure you read this statement:

Note all 10E 14E widths will have the EVA bottom and that is for an extension for your needed width.  Athletic styles well not have an athletic bottom in no cases when dealing with the 10E and 14E width!

Back Order – no charge, and that is a style and size we have in stock and out of your size. We’ll order from the factory, and it will take 4 weeks (usually) to get back to our warehouse and shipped.


All stocked and backorder shoes can be returned (as long they have not to be worn outside).

Special order shoe is one that we take a style from our stock program and change the size, width, the color, added a modification to the shoe (modification being lift, rocker bottom, pronation bar, insert filler), or convert from a tie to double or single Velcro opening.


If you have any questions, please contact:

Ron Heinlein
CEO of DT Footwear
909 215 1622