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Looking for women’s shoes for swollen feet and ankles (Edema)? DT Footwear carries a wide selection of shoes that are designed to provide relief for swollen feet.

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Whether you need just a little extra room or exta wide women's shoes for swollen feet, we've got you covered with widths up to 14E!

DT Footwear shoes for women with swollen feet are made with features that provide comfort and support, such as:

  • Wide toe box to accommodate swollen toes
  • Cushioned soles to absorb shock and reduce pressure
  • Breathable materials to keep feet cool and dry
  • Adjustable straps to provide a custom fit

If you have swollen feet, it is important to wear wider shoes (extra-large or extra-extra-wide) that provide support and comfort of the increased swelling in your foot.

Firstly, wider shoes provide ample room, preventing unnecessary pressure on sensitive areas, which can exacerbate swelling and discomfort. This extra space also helps in accommodating any orthopedic inserts or custom orthotics that may be required for additional support.

Furthermore, wider shoes improve circulation by allowing blood to flow more freely around the foot, crucial for healing and preventing further medical complications. Overall, choosing the right shoe width can greatly enhance comfort, mobility, and quality of life for those dealing with swollen feet.

Our selection of womens shoes, boots and slippers for swollen feet includes a variety of styles and colors to choose from.

Thank you for shopping at DT Footwear! If you have any questions, contact a fitment specialist at 909-215-1622.

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