Shoes For Foot Braces (AFO) | What You Need to Know

If you’re wearing an AFO or an Arizona foot brace, there are ways of helping you find shoes that fit and will last.

AFO and Arizona foot braces typical go over the foot and around the ankle. These types of braces are bulky and most comfort and conventional shoes can’t fit a brace.

Instead, what you need to look for is an orthopedic therapeutic shoe. These shoes are designed extra depth and width in the shoe box.

DT Footwear has fitted thousands of a AFOs and Arizona braces over the year. An insider tip when checking if the shoe is large enough is to place the brace in the shoe and make sure it lays flat. If it doesn’t lay flat on the sole of the shoe, then the shoe is not wide enough and you’re going to destroy the shoe very quickly and hurt your feet over a period of time.

When purchasing a new pair of shoes, you may need to look into extra wide shoes in the 9E, 10E or 14E width range. This extra wide style of shoes will provide the depth, width and room around the ankle for the brace to fit comfortable.

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