Charcot Foot Shoe Options

If you got a friend or yourself that has Charcot foot, you definitely need a specific type of shoe.

Charcot foot is when the arch of your foot has dropped because of deteriorated all the bones that support the arch. You normally find it on the bottom, or the side, sometimes on the top. But usually, it’s right underneath where the arches is and it just collapse.

You need a shoe that has an extension on the bottom where that Charcot sits, because that’s Charcot needs to sit on a foundation. And we provide shoes for Charcot foot. Very few companies provide footwear for this particular foot problem.

Charcot it is not curable, we just need to keep the proper inserts here. And it also has that extension on there that will make it fit right to the particular boot or Oxford or in this case, Velcro as well.

And it does work. We’ve got it has the widths and everything. But that’s what a Charcot is. You need proper footwear for it because if you’re hanging over the edge of the shoe is going to kill that Charcot and you’re going to get more pain and more tears and more sorrows.

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