How to Properly Measure Shoe Size

You can measure your foot size with a soft measuring tape and your own two feet. There are other ways to get a rough estimate of your shoe size, but nothing is as accurate as actually measuring your foot.

By taking the time to properly measure your feet, you will greatly reduce the need to return product and know that the shoe you’re buying will properly support your feet.

soft measuring tapeFirst, you’ll need something to write with and a soft measuring tape.

Then follow the steps or video below to accurately measure the length and width of your feet so that you know what size to order.

If you want to know your shoe size, the best way to get an accurate measurement is to use a soft measuring tape and measure the length and the width of your foot. This will help you determine whether you need a wide or narrow shoe.

It’s important to measure both feet, as they may differ in size. Your shoes should fit the larger foot comfortably.

When you measure your feet, wear socks that are similar to the ones you’ll wear with your new shoes.

For those dealing with swelling, be sure to measure your foot towards the end of the day as your feet will be more swollen. For those with sever swelling, you’ll need to measure your ankle and mark the measurement on the form below.

If you are unsure where to find your measurements on a soft measuring tape, here are some helpful tips:

After placing the tape at the tip of your heel, pull it across the widest part of your foot, which should be the ball. If not, please call or email us as you may need specific style of shoes to ensure a comfortable fit. Make sure the tape is snug and straight across the width of your foot and write down the width in inches rounding to the nearest quarter of an inch.

Ready to order shoes without guessing your shoe size?

Fill out the form below and we’ll get back to you with your specific shoe size. Please choose a shoe style in mind that you’re interested in.

If you have any special requirements that can affect shoe fit such as a brace, major swelling, hammertoe, etc be sure to additional measurements around the ankle and instep as shown in the video above.

Shoe Fitment Form

Please fill in all the requested information below including ankle girth if you have swelling of the the ankle. Once complete, click on the “SEND” button at the bottom of the form.

A fitment specialtist will follow up with you shortly.

    Please fill out all boxes related to your needs:


    Measure (standing up) for length – heel to the longest toe using a soft measuring tape as shown on chart “L.” Measure by inches. (Hint: have a friend to help you in your measurements)

    Measure your width with a soft tape measure (standing up) as shown on chart “W.” Measure in inches.

    Net Foot Length Measurement by inches (L):



    Flat Ball Width Measurement by inches (W):



    Ball Girth (B): If you have major swelling or brace:



    Instep Girth (I): if you have major swelling or brace:



    Ankle Girth (A): if you have major swelling in your ankles:



    Do you wear a foot brace: AFO or Arizona (Y/N)?

    Size of current shoes that fit comfortably:

    If you have any questions in choosing the proper footwear for your conditions,
    give us a call and ask for Ron.





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