Arthritis in the foot. Can proper footwear and inserts help that situation? The answer is yes!

Orthopedic therapeutic footwear has the wiggle room to give you added comfort. Arthritis creates a lot of pain in the joints and everything else and that, and ankles, instep.
I have seen it all over.

Can it be cured?

No, it can’t be cured. Not through proper footwear, or inserts, but we… these shoes can give you relief and help you enjoy the day as much as possible.
And again, stay with an orthopedic therapeutic with the depth, the toe boxes deeper, wider. The heel counter is stronger, midsection, and you don’t keep doing the bilateral movement.
And then make sure please add these inserts. These inserts are so important because they raise the temperature by 2%. They do help.
Most of our nerve endings are on the bottom of our feet. They do help generate circulation that in turn gives the freedom. Because if we squeeze our toes, we don’t have circulation. Circulation and arthritis do work hand in hand.
If we have better circulation, arthritis has a tendency to not stagnate in particular areas unless it’s been there for a number of years. Proper footwear can give you some relief because the more we squeeze your toes the more we squeeze the concept that arthritis, the irritation of the joints.
I hope this video helps and I want you to understand we have a comment box and you can click down there and see more information about arthritis and footwear. How important it is to work hand in hand.
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I will help you as much as I can. I won’t cure arthritis, never claimed that, but we believe we can help you make life more comfortable.

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