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Why these Customized Heat Moldable Inserts are so important to your feet? 

Most major foot problems and pain occurs at the bottom (plantar) of a person’s foot and not usually at the top. Regular shoes or Comfort shoes are trying to offer comfort to the top of your feet but not necessarily to the bottom. The inserts they provide are non-supporting. These inserts are called “a foot cover inserts” which are mostly for show and they offer very little support. This is true in about 98 percent of the shoes that are out there today.

What is interesting is that most shoe companies do talk about the importance of good inserts and if they offer them they come at a great price. But what we offer are our “FREE” Customized Heat Moldable Inserts which are designed to give you the maximum support, comfort, offloading, and even balance that you need. There is a major advantage of having proper supporting inserts to offload the problems you may be dealing with.

The material of our Customized Heat Moldable Inserts is a component that will mold to the bottom of your foot. In time you will have created a customized insert that supports every need of the plantar of your foot. This same material also raises the temperature of the bottom of your foot by approximately two percent and this in turns creates better circulation to your feet and legs which allows for fewer restrictions and irritation to your body.

Our Heat Moldable Inserts have a great heel cup, a raised arch and T-Bar support that makes for better support than most any insert that is offered on the internet today. So when you start walking you are protected in the heel, the arch, and the metatarsal area of the bottom of your foot. These inserts reduce heel pressure, arch pressure and metatarsal pressure that could be increased immensely without a great insert. The best way to say it is: “it’s like walking on a cloud”. You will have more support and comfort then you have ever experienced and we know that you will fall in love with them.

Important Fact to Remember: We are the only website that offers up to three sets of these unbelievable inserts for FREE, and this is a $240.00 gift to you. Once you start wearing these inserts you will never change. As you can see here on this page we do offer extra inserts at a special discounted price so you can order as many as you need.