Hammertoes are a very common thing. We see it in women’s and we see it in men’s as well.

And it is that your flanges, your toes, one can overlap from the other. That’s considered a hammertoe, over the overlapping toe.
Or you have a bunion, not a Tailor’s Bunion, but bunion, a big bunion. As it grows, it pushes your first flange, your first toe over and it starts raising this toe.
You’ve squeezed yourself in shoes for so many years, that your toes have started raising up, your toes and started to move up. That’s called hammertoes.
Those can be corrected, if you get orthopedic therapeutic footwear, that has the toe depth.
I’m going to reach down here. That has the higher toe box here for you. A toe box higher where you can give comfort to that. We can give you wiggle room, and you don’t get redness on the top of your toe or the knot of your toe because your foot that she was rubbing.
Get something with a soft, flexible upper, and that stretches it, will mold right to it. That’s very important for hammertoes. These are just little important items that are important that you need to do. Comfort, conventional shoes, don’t have the depth. Don’t have the softness in most cases.
And like I say don’t have the strength in the midsection that we’re not adding more wear and tear. You’re not going sideways as well as fore flex. These are things that hammertoes need to have.
You got any comments down below and clicking the link down there will give me more additional information about hammertoes and more detail for you.
And I want you to understand that we can help or in the comments will help us help you if you have additional questions. And in turn, I’ve got my phone number, it’s my own personal phone number. Give me a call. I will get back to you and I will talk to you.

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    • Ron Heinlein says:

      Yes, all our footwear (except sandal and few boots (ladies)) have a removable footbed and with certain styles – we give up to 3 inserts away FREE and these help reduce swelling in your feet.

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