Corns can be a painful and bothersome foot condition, often caused by the pressure and friction of ill-fitting shoes. In a recent video discussion, Ron Heinlein, the founder and CEO of DT Footwear, shared valuable insights on how to prevent and manage corns of the feet. In this blog post, we’ll provide an overview of the key takeaways from the video to help you maintain healthy feet and comfortable footwear.

  1. The Corn Conundrum:
    • Corns typically develop between the toes due to pressure and friction.
    • Consistently wearing the same ill-fitting shoes can make corns worse as they multiply, even though they don’t physically grow.
  2. Choosing the Right Shoes:
    • To prevent corns, opt for shoes with a fuller, higher, and rounder toe box.
    • This design provides ample space for your toes and reduces irritation, as opposed to shoes with narrow and tapered toe boxes.
  3. Toe Freedom Matters:
    • Allowing your toes to spread out within the shoe can effectively prevent corns by minimizing friction and irritation.
    • Proper toe freedom is essential for maintaining foot comfort and health.
  4. Beware of Wider Shoes on Narrow Bases:
    • If you’re considering wider shoes to prevent corns, be cautious if the wider upper is still placed on a narrow base.
      • Example: A 4E width shoe doesn’t necessarily have a 4E width base. Some manufacturers market 4E wide shoes but build them on a narrower 2E base, causing discomfort.
    • The base’s width matters, so ensure that the entire shoe offers adequate space and support for your feet.
  5. Measure Your Feet:
    • Measuring your foot size and width is crucial for finding the right-fitting shoes.
    • DT Footwear offers assistance in determining the proper shoe size, ensuring a comfortable and pain-free fit.

Preventing corns is all about making informed choices when it comes to footwear. By following these expert tips, you can significantly reduce the risk of developing corns and enjoy healthier, more comfortable feet. Remember to prioritize toe freedom, choose shoes with the right design, and measure your feet accurately to find the perfect fit. Your feet will thank you for it!

Reach out and contact a DT Footwear fit specialist for personalized assistance via phone, email or text. Our fitment experts are here to guide you towards achieving Happy Feet. With a variety of footwear options available, stepping into comfort and style has never been easier.

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