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Fashion Meets Function: Sneakers that Complement Your Fall Wardrobe

The rustling of fallen leaves, the embrace of a cool breeze, and the allure of [...]

Is A Strong Mid Section Important in Shoes?

  The Importance of Strong Midsection in Footwear Conventional vs. Innovative Shoe Design Conventional shoe [...]

A Fuller Toe Box Important For Foot Care?

Orthopedic therapeutic footwear offers unique features designed to support the health and comfort of your [...]

Do Orthopedic Shoes Have To Look Ugly?

The Unfair Perception of Orthopedic Shoes Contrary to popular belief, orthopedic therapeutic footwear does not [...]

Is A Strong Heel Counter Important For Shoes?

Exceptional Heel Support We take pride in providing the most robust heel support available. Arguably [...]

How To Measure You Feet For a Perfect Fit

A quick and easy way to make sure you buy the right size shoes is [...]

Can you put leather shoes or any footwear in the washing machine?

When it comes to cleaning and upkeep, leather is a delicate material that calls for [...]

What Is A Shank In A Shoe?

A shoe’s shank is a part of its structure that gives the foot and the [...]

What Is A “Last” In A Shoe?

The term “last” in the context of footwear refers to the mold or shape used [...]

Can The Best Pickleball Shoes Be Comfortable?

 Ron Heinlein: Hi, I’m Ron Heinlein. I’m the owner and I’m CEO of DT [...]

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