When it comes to cleaning and upkeep, leather is a delicate material that calls for extra caution. While it may be tempting to throw a pair of soiled leather shoes or other leather footwear into the washing machine and let it take care of the job, this is typically not a smart idea. It is not advised to wash leather shoes in a washing machine for the following reasons:

  • The high water and detergent concentrations used in a washing machine can be hard on leather, resulting in stiffness, dryness, and even cracking. The natural oils that keep the leather soft and supple can be removed by the detergent’s chemicals. As a result, the leather may become brittle and more likely to crack.
  • The spinning motion of the washing machine can stretch or distort the leather, which might result in deformed or crooked shoes. As a result, the shoes may no longer fit comfortably or may appear uneven.
  • It’s possible for the shoe soles to separate. The soles of the shoes may separate from the upper portion of the shoe due to pressure and movement brought on by the washing machine’s spinning action. The fact that the shoes can no longer be worn makes this a significant annoyance.

What should you do instead of cleaning your leather shoes or other leather footwear? Here are some pointers for manually cleaning leather shoes:

  • Start by using a soft, dry towel to wipe away any extra dirt or debris from the shoes.
  • Next, prepare a cleaning solution by combining water and a mild soap. It is advisable to use a mild, pH-neutral soap because leather can be damaged by harsh or acidic soaps.
  • To gently clean the shoes, dunk a soft, damp towel into the cleaning solution. Scrubbing too vigorously might damage the leather by leaving scratches or scuff marks.
  • After cleaning the shoes, wipe off any remaining soap with a different, wet cloth.
  • Before wearing the shoes again, let them totally air dry. To prevent the leather from fading or cracking, keep them away from heat sources and direct sunshine.

You might need to use a leather cleaner made expressly for use on leather footwear if your leather shoes or other leather footwear is particularly stained or dirty. Typically, these cleansers are made with gentle, pH-neutral chemicals that are suitable for use on leather. To be sure you are using the cleaner properly, follow the instructions on it.

In conclusion, even if it could seem alluring, it’s not a good idea to wash leather shoes or other leather footwear. The leather may become damaged and the shoes may become deformed due washing the excessive water and detergent levels, spinning action, and other factors. It is preferable to hand-clean leather shoes using a mild soap and a soft, wet cloth instead. You might need to use a leather cleaner made expressly for use on leather footwear if the shoes are particularly grimy. You can keep your leather shoes and other leather footwear looking clean and in good condition by according to these instructions.

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