Exceptional Heel Support

We take pride in providing the most robust heel support available. Arguably the strongest in the world, it’s our distinct heel counter that sets us apart. Many of the shoes DT Footwear offers employ a 2 to 4 ply wrap technique, wherein we layer the leathers four times to prevent any potential collapse.

Try this with your current shoes – typically, one can collapse the heel counter with their index finger. This lack of stability is detrimental as it fails to maintain your foot in a neutral position, thereby permitting excessive lateral movement.

Comprehensive Foot Support

Beyond the heel, we ensure comprehensive support throughout the shoe, including a well-structured midsection. With a sturdy counter providing reliable support in 90% of our shoe range, we actively reduce the wear and tear on your feet.

Reduced Foot Strain

Consider the impact of our shoes on your daily activities. Whether you’re walking, playing pickleball, tennis, basketball, or any other physical activity, our shoes significantly reduce strain. In a conventional shoe, a 3.5-mile walk equates to a 5.5-mile journey for your feet due to additional bilateral movements.

However, in our shoes, 3.5 miles is simply that – no additional strain, no extra lateral movement. This is the fundamental importance of quality heel support; it minimally impacts foot strain, regardless of your activity level.

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