Dealing with heel spurs?

Protruding or inward heel spur? I’m going to give you some advice that is going to help.

Heel spurs; it’s a calcium buildup on the heel that can actually penetrate and protrude the skin or stay inward. It’s very painful. Correct shoes and orthopedic therapeutics are important.
With that type of shoe, it prevents you from putting more added wear and tear by you’re not moving sideways, bilateral, okay.
But one of the most important things is a good, a good insert. We provide triple-layer, heat-moldable, customized inserts, and we give up to three on every purchase. For again… like I say for free.
And what that does is got the best heel cup in the shoe business. That gives you added padding to protect you. Because a heel spur will eventually go away over time, over time.
I have a trick to help people and that is to put Vaseline on it, let it absorb in, wear it at night, and keep your sock on.
But if you keep pounding, and that’s the first part of your whole body, right on the back of your foot, you’re landing on that heel, and boy does that hurt.
With this, also, you have a protruding one that’s broken through the skin. You put a little bit, get a sock on there and put lipstick right in the area where the heel.
Then have this in your shoe and lay this right on there. Then take a little knife and dig around, not all underneath, right where the red spot is inside the red spot. That will in turn give you a little heel cup protection. That’s an old trick that works extremely well.
These are things to help you create less pain. But it will remember if you haven’t started, and I use the word offload, or that means correct, or take pressure off of that area.
That heel spur will keep building because it’s a protective device. You’re hitting those, the certain bone, and that calcium builds up. It does cause serious and aching pains. It’s very common, and I can teach you some other things as well.
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