Plantar fasciitis very common foot problem, especially in the tennis, pickleball and running world.

How can you eliminate the pain?

Mainly by staying off your feet. There are many solutions you can look up online such as rolling the foot. In this article, I would like to focus on how to prevent plantar fasciitis by wearing the correct shoes.
We’ve got some great tennis and pickleball players that are using our footwear, loves it. And they have had plantar fasciitis. And we have helped get it to a normal stage. And again, time element and they don’t get off their feet. But the insert plays extremely more important part, and the thickness and the durometer, the depth of the thing. The “t” of the cup, the heel cup, and the arch is all important. And from that aspect of it.
Once you get it done, then please, especially in the heel area, have something that’s padded there that will help to keep it from come back. It will come back if you don’t correct a situation. The shoes you wear need to properly support you. They need to be the proper width, good height in the toe box and reduce bilateral movement to prevent your foot from moving sideways and adding almost double the number of miles walked in a day. According to the Journal of Foot and Ankle Research, “a study by Menz et al. of 176 older people (mean age 80.1, SD: 6.4, range 62–96 years) found that 78% wore outdoor shoes narrower than their feet.”
Not sure if you’re wearing the right size shoe, click here to learn how to properly measure your foot.
But it’s the inserts as well. These inserts are unbelievable. At DT Footwear we recognized the importance of a quality insert and provide you one to three sets of inserts free on every one of your purchases.
So, plantar fasciitis is always going to be here. Take care of it now to avoid possible surgery. Properly fitting shoes that support your feet will help.
Also, give me a call, I’ll be glad to talk to you. I answer the phone personally. Give me a call and see how DT Footwear can get you out of pain.

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