Calluses. That’s a very common foot condition for both men and women’s feet.

Calluses is a skin buildup; you find them a lot of times in the metatarsal area right below your “flanges” or your toes or on the back side of the heel.
This skin build up is your body saying to you, “Whoa man! You aren’t giving me the proper support. You’re not giving me the proper shoe width. You got my feet in a vise!” The more you walk, run, exercise, you start irritating the skin and your body reacts with calluses.
Men have been known to ignore or live with calluses forever without a problem. Untreated, they can under the right situations split and lead to infection.
Ladies are typically bothered more by calluses because of their weight. Women are typically weigh less than a comparable man and their body bone structure is not as heavy as what men’s typically is.
If you have a podiatrist shave off your calluses, that’s fine. But if you don’t correct that problem by having proper footwear, and that’s an orthopedic therapeutic footwear, with the proper width and depth in the toe box providing your feet with the wiggle room they need to be comfortable and not irritated. And you don’t put the proper insert in there that protects you and offloads, especially in the metatarsal area. It gives you the added padding. Don’t go shaving these things off until you correct your problem.
Once you correct your problem, yes, have them shaved off. Or take care of it at home by putting Vaseline on it at night. Place a sock on the foot to prevent Vaseline from getting all over the bed spread. This will soften the callus and facilitate it’s removal.
Remember, if you don’t take care of feet, you’re wasting your time. Proper footwear and inserts will protect your feet and can definitely help.
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