Bunions Are A Pain

You need proper footwear to give your feet the comfort and protection they need to prevent bunions from growing.

Bunions are very common it’s usually on the side of the big toe. Bunions are a calcium buildup that the body puts in place to protect the foot. This build up occurs over a number of years when the foot is being squeezed too hard, especially in the ball joint.
While surgery is an option to remove bunions, they will come back is the foot is squeezed to hard. To prevent the squeeze, wear orthopedic therapeutic footwear that has a deeper and wider toe box. This will take the pressure off the side of the feet and the body will (over time) stop building up the protective calcium deposit to protect your foot. Also, wear a shoe with Lycra or other soft materials that will conform to the foot unlike leather.
Also make sure you get an insert that is padded and cushioned enough that it gives you that protection right under the bunion to minimize irritation.
Remember, if you keep squeezing your feet, the body will keep creating bunions to protect the foot. The calcium will build and bunions will grow. People who have had surgery but continued to wear the same type and size shoe will continue to have problems.
Just remember with us, every time you buy a pair of shoes, you get up to three sets of these phenomenal inserts at no extra cost that will off load or will relieve a lot of problems underneath your foot and bunion is one of them as well.
If you have questions about this article, bunions or other shoe/foot related problems, you can call Ron directly here.

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