Bunions are a common foot condition that affects millions of people worldwide. They can cause pain, discomfort, and make it difficult to find shoes that fit properly. Fortunately, there are many options available for people with bunions, and choosing the right shoes can go a long way in reducing symptoms and improving overall foot health.

In this guide, we’ll cover the basics of what you need to know about finding the best shoes for bunions, including:

  • What are bunions and what causes them?
  • What to look for in a shoe for bunions
  • The best shoe brands for bunions
  • How to properly fit shoes for bunions

What are Bunions and What Causes Them?

A bunion is a bony bump that forms on the joint at the base of your big toe. This bump is caused by the misalignment of bones in the foot, and can lead to pain, discomfort, and a variety of other foot problems.

Bunions can be caused by a variety of factors, including:

  • Heredity
  • Wearing shoes that are too tight
  • Foot injuries
  • Certain medical conditions

What to Look for in a Shoe for Bunions

When shopping for shoes for bunions, it’s important to look for certain features that will help reduce symptoms and improve overall foot health. Here are a few things to keep in mind:

  • Roomy toe box: Look for shoes that have a wide and roomy toe box, which will provide enough space for your toes to move freely and reduce pressure on the bunion.
  • Arch support: Shoes with good arch support can help distribute weight evenly across the foot, reducing pressure on the bunion.
  • Soft upper material: Shoes with soft upper materials will be more comfortable for people with bunions and will help reduce pressure and rubbing on the bunion.
  • Cushioned sole: A cushioned sole will provide extra comfort and help absorb shock, reducing stress on the bunion.
Men’s Athletic Shoe For Bunions

The Best Shoe Brands for Bunions

At DT Footwear, we carry a wide variety of shoes from some of the best brands for people with bunions. Here are a few of our favorites:

  • Apis
  • Orthofeet
  • Propet
  • Dr Comfort
  • Brooks
  • New Balance
  • Gravity Defyer

Each of these brands offers shoes that are designed with the needs of people with bunions in mind. From roomy toe boxes to arch support and cushioned soles, they have everything you need to reduce symptoms and improve foot health.

How to Properly Fit Shoes for Bunions

Proper fit is essential when shopping for shoes for bunions. Here are a few tips to help you find the perfect pair:

  • Measure your feet: Your feet can change over time, so it’s important to measure them regularly and make sure you’re wearing the right size shoe.
  • Try shoes on at the end of the day: Your feet can swell throughout the day, so it’s best to try shoes on at the end of the day when your feet are at their largest.
  • Wear the socks you’ll be wearing with the shoes: When trying on shoes, make sure to wear the socks you’ll be wearing with the shoes, as this will give you a better idea of the fit.


In conclusion, finding the right shoes for bunions is crucial in reducing symptoms and improving overall foot health. By looking for shoes with roomy toe boxes, good arch support, soft upper materials, and cushioned soles, you can find a pair that will provide the comfort and support you need.

At DT Footwear, we offer a wide selection of shoes from some of the best brands for people with bunions. If you’re not sure which shoes are right for you, or if you have any questions, feel free to give us a call or send us an email. We’re here to help you find the perfect shoes to keep your feet happy!

Shoes For Bunions

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