Does it feel like your feet are in a vice some times?

Wearing footwear too tight, or what I’d like to compare is putting your foot in a vise is the biggest problem you’ll probably ever have in footwear. You need more width, you need more depth, and you need more wiggle room as I’ve said many times in my videos.
That’s what I want to talk to you about because people go oh my god, my foot is just… I’m bulging out and everything.

We’ve got the widths for you.

And that’s when you go look for a shoe in a 6E, 9E, 10E, or 14E width. If you need it, our orthopedic therapeutic shoe will give you that depth and give you that comfort.
And I hope this helps.

If you got any comments, just, you know, tell us down below if you want to call me you can call me and we can talk. But you can be helped. That is for sure.

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