Let’s talk about laces and how you can adjust them for your foot problems.

There is a chart below that you can view that will tell you how to adjust shoelaces for various foot problems.

Five ways of adjusting your shoestrings

Number one, your heel is loose.
We have a way of tightening, adjusting the heel, or these laces I should say, and making the heel tighter.I go whoa, a lot of people don’t know that. If your foot needs a little more width, there are ways of crossing the strings, and they will actually open up the footbed or open up the front of the shoe for you.
How to just with a high arch and an instep. There are ways of opening and cross strings, the laces that will open up the instep for you and give you more depth that you most likely need.
Black toe. Black toe if it isn’t a fungus, it means that you are sliding forward and hitting your toe at the end and creative black toe. We find that in most athletic people, tennis pickleball, all that get black toes all the time. Well, there’s a way of adjusting the shoestring to make your foot set back and not move forward.
And last is a bunion. If you got a bunion on your foot, you need that room on the side. We will show you a way of tying that. So, these things are very important. And something I mean; I’ve been in business for over 50 years. I didn’t know some of these things.
If you have any comments that you want to talk about, and you want us or any new topics you want to talk about us, let us know. Put it in the comment box or give me a call. I’ll answer the phone, I promise you that.
And these things do work and you’ll see a chart that will give all the difference it’ll give diagrams of how it’s done.
Have a great day.
shoe lace tricks chart

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