Let’s talk about shoe inserts and spacers to create more comfort for your feet.

Spacers and inserts have to be sometimes adjusted when you get footwear from us. And that is that when you see an insert, as you see here, and you see a spacer that has two different colors. There always, there could be two of them underneath there. And the insert on top of this, okay?

That takes a lot of room in the shoe. I want you to take the insert out. Take the spacers out, either one of them, or both of them, and put the insert back in, and see how it fits.

Because I get comments of people saying, “Oh Ron, your 6E, it’s great, but it’s a little too snug”. Then I have to explain it. That’s what this video is about. To tell you, you have adjustability, you can change this, you can make the shoe width more width.

Now, if you put the insert inside, and you find out oh, that’s still a little discomfort. Take that out again, and put the two spacers or one spacer in there. It goes either way. Then put and try it on if they feel great in the space or have enough cushion for you to wear for a couple of weeks.

And then, in turn, you take that out and put your regular insert back in. Those are pointers why I made this video for you to understand that this needs some form of adjustment.

We’re offering this adjustment and let you know from this adjustment.

So, I hope this video has helped. And in turn, I hope that I can get some comments from you. If you have topics that you’d like to talk about, let us know and I’ll be glad to talk about them in a future video.

Have a great day.

2 thoughts on “Shoes Too Tight? Adjust Inserts and Spacers

  1. Glen Albrecht says:

    I want to order some of your self forming inserts, but I can’t find them on your site. I received some of them with my boots a year or two back. Do you still have them available?

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