After a day of hard work, playing tennis or playing pickleball are your feet tired or sore?

The problem  with most general footwear, they look very nice, but they have no strength in the midsection.

And what you’re doing is that you’re moving sideways, back and forth. You’re playing pickleball, you’re playing tennis, you’re walking, you’re moving both ways. Everything has a fore flex in the front. So, you move forward, everything forward.
But when you get a shoe like this, and you can bend this shoe, and then you can collapse the shoe like this. That’s the worst thing in the world.
Well, let’s take orthopedic therapeutic footwear – has the fore flex to it, okay. I’m not, I’m not fooling, I can’t, I can’t bend this at all. This has got such a solid midsection. It’s not funny.
And in here, I can’t, I’m not fooling. I can’t bend this either. This got a four-ply counter, and this is a heel counter for people who don’t know the terminology. This has the strength that doesn’t let you move this way.
So you go walk for 7, let go 7 miles. You would put three and a half to for more miles, proven fact, on your foot. You’re putting 11 miles on your foot.
And I can give cases that I’ve had people because of playing tennis or pickleball. And their feet are sore as can be or numb even. They’ve lost feeling in their feet. Or it could be the width problem, but a lot of them are adding so much wear and tear.
Let’s cut the wear and tear out of your foot. Let’s give you… you walk seven half miles and orthopedic and therapeutic footwear. You’re walking seven and a half no more miles. That’s a proven fact.
Let’s help you not have those sore, tired, achy feet after an enjoyable game of pickleball or tennis or anything else like that.
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