Are you suffering from gout? Men or women, we can help you.

Gout is related to arthritis, but it is a different disease. And it does settle in the joints, it does settle in ligaments and muscles.

What you need to have is an orthopedic therapeutic shoe that allows you first of all, you’re going to find in the joints, especially in the flange in the toes. We need to get you that wiggle room that is well known by wiggling my fingers what that means.
You need a fuller toe box, a higher toe box, that we give you that space where you have freedom. We get comments from tennis players, pickleball players that maybe don’t have gout, but they just say, “My goodness, I’ve never had so much room is an orthopedic therapeutic footwear”. And that’s so important.

Then we add to the insert that we happen to give away up to three pair of what we call, triple layer, heat moldable customized insert. As you see here, that raises the temperature 2% and generate circulation. And that circulation is important because it doesn’t let some of these diseases set in the joints. It generates that, all that. Will we cure gout, no. Will we cure Arthritis, no. But we will basically give you something comfortable that it will be bearable or hope, and we know it will, that will give you softness to stand on. Support to stand on and generate the circulation and not squeeze your toes or squeeze your ankles or squeeze where some of the joint problems happen to be.

So we’re here to help. Fill out the comment box, you can click down on the link down below. And that will tell you more about gout that I’m not going to get into major details. But I want to make this video make you be aware there is solutions to resolve some of that pain that you’re obtaining from gout.

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