Have you ever heard of pink toes? No, that’s not painting your toenails pink.

Pink toes is an early sign that the skin in the toes is being irritated. If the irritation is relieved, then the toes will become red due to ongoing irritation and then black (deadening of the skin) in the most severe cases.
If you’re not able to wiggle your toes in the shoes, boots, heels, flats or sandals that you’re wearing, this is a sign that your shoes are too tight.
A therapeutic or orthopedic constructed shoe that has a deeper and rounder toe box providing more height and width in the shoe for your toes giving your little pinkies the freedom they need. Pink toes typically starts with the small pinkie, AKA the fifth phalange. People ignore pink. Pink is it saying, “Hey, help me! You’re pressuring me to death. Okay?”.
If untreated, pink toes will get worse and turn red. Watch your body and let your body tell you where it needs help and support.
Speaking of support, make sure you have good inserts in your shoes. They’re very important, because they offload and protect the bottom of your feet, reducing irritation.
At DT Footwear, we recognized the need for proper inserts and provide up to 3 pair free with each order. We have sourced what we believe is the best insert in the industry with the best t-bar, best arch support, best heel cup in the world.
Feel free to contact the owner of DT Footwear directly, Ron Heinlien. His number is on the contact page and his more than happy to discuss any foot problems your experiencing and offer solutions.

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