There are 7-ounce shoes availible that have more support than shoes  twice their weight. What is the advantage of wearing a 7-ounce lightweight shoe?

7-ounces is considered one of the lightest shoes availible in the therapeutic orthopedic constructed shoe industry. The advantage is, especially when we get older and I’m not getting any younger! I’m moving a little bit slower even though I’m learning to play pickleball and doing a lot of new things I haven’t done before. And I find that the lighter the weight the less wear and tear on the foot.
Don’t get to the fallacy or the concept, “Oh my god, they have no support.” You can get the strongest midsection, the strongest counter with a four ply wrap heal counter and have no lateral movement, and it can still be a 7-ounce shoe. This is something we as a company have introduced and has been well received.
At DT Footwear, you recognized that inserts are a crucial part to foot support and now offer up to three sets supportive inserts for free, no charge. Between the lightweight shoe and quality insert to support your foot, you’ve got a combination that’s unbeatable.
Lightweight shoes doesn’t always mean they lack support.
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