Do your feet change size as we age? I got that question the other day and answer is yes – they get wider.

Just as our waistline tends to get wider as we age, so do our feet. I used to wear a size 30 pant. Well, I don’t wear a size 30 pant now. I am not going to tell you what I wear. But it’s not a size 30! Over the years as our bodies change, our feet change to. It’s the only part of our body that takes 100% of our weight.

As a personal example, I used to wear a shoe size 8.5. Today, I wear a size 10 in shoes. As you age, you need check your current shoe size to make sure you’re wearing the correct size shoes. You need footwear that has proper width. You need footwear that has construction. You also have to measure your foot with a soft tape measure. And we happen to have that… go right to our proper sizing technique. And that’ll show you how to measure your foot at home

And I’m going to tell you how many people have the wrong size foot lengthwise and width wise a great deal. And again, we’ve got, you know, there’s widths that you know there are 9E shoes, there are 10E shoe and 14E shoes availible. There is 6E’s in this world, and we happen to be one of them that provide that. So, your feet are not the same as what they were 10 years ago, 15 years ago, 20 years ago.

And I asked a person when’s the last time you measured your foot with a rip, ritz stick or Brannock and a lot of people don’t even know what that is. And most shoe people don’t even know how to read it. And it only goes to a 4E at widest in the Braddock and only 2E in the ritz stick. So, soft tape measure works out perfect, and it works extremely well. I hope that if you’ve got any comments that you fill the comment box down below. If you’ve got any new topics you’d like us to talk about, put it in there and we’ll add it to our YouTube videos. And then like I says you got my phone number. Anytime you want to call me that’s my personal phone number. Give me a call. We can talk and I’ll answer the phone. And in turn, click down to the link down below and this will give you more information on what we’re talking, these are short videos. I appreciate you viewing this. I hope you have a great day

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