Let’s compare steel toe box to a reinforced toe box. What is the difference between the two?

A steel toe boot is something that has been availible to for years. As the names says, there is a protective steel plate in the boot that covers the toes. Depending on the work environment, these boots should be OSHA and PDAC approved.
In the last five or six years, manufactures started introducing reinforced toe boots where the steel toe piece has been replaced by a composite material typically made out of plastic. The key benefits of a reinforced toe boot is that it is lighter and stronger than steel. Also, it has no seams which is required if you’re diabetic.Steel toe boots have a seam and any seam will make a diabetic receptive to wounds, irritation or irritation gets into wounds and wounds can turn into ulcerations if they’re not truly treated.
We have made this into our boots, and have had great success with it. The only drawback it is a prefab upper and we can’t make them in 9E or 10E or 14E. 6E is the widest that we’ve have availible.
But we’ve got it. It’s great, the lightweight everything else like that. So there is a difference between the two. And there is quite a bit of difference of importance. And really make sure you do the orthopedic therapeutic concept in the booth because you want the higher toe box to give you a wiggle room. You want more rounded toe to give you the wiggle room. You want the stronger midsection and the heel counter reinforcement, what we call four ply reinforcement, you don’t have bilateral movement from that point. You want the extended bottoms where you have true foundation on your feet. And also you want to make sure you get this this insert. This inserts phenomenal. And we provide one to three in our work boots. And it is free. And it’s unbelievable. And once you wear them you’re spoiled and most people are with these from that point.
I want you to fill out the comment box I want you to tell me a some of your experience between the two are input that can help a lot of people are reading it. A lot of people read the comment box, my phone numbers there. It’s a personal phone number call me I’ll answer whatever I can and help you whatever I can’t and it clicked down on the bottom link. This will have more additional information between the two. And these are all the things we want to de engage in conversation with you and help you as much as possible. I appreciate you watching this and I hope you have a very great day.

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