Updated: 6/17/2024

Diabetics, do you actually need special footwear? Let’s talk.

Diabetes is a disease, it’s the third most damaging disease on this planet. And the number of people with diabetes is growing and growing and growing. Because of weight, because of different situations. I’m a borderline diabetic, haven’t got that, trying to lose my weight, and everything.

Topic Key Points
Introduction Diabetes is the third most damaging disease globally, with increasing cases due to factors like weight. The speaker is a borderline diabetic trying to manage their condition.
Diabetic Footwear Features
  • Should have variations of width.
  • Made of all leather or breathable upper materials.
  • Includes an insert that should be changed every four months to help control foot temperature and prevent disease.
  • Adjustable design (ties or Velcro) to accommodate edema and swelling.
Types of Diabetic Footwear Athletic shoes, hiking boots, and various other types. Diabetic footwear does not have to look unattractive.
Importance of Orthopedic Therapeutic Design
  • Deeper and fuller toe box.
  • Prevents lateral movement of the foot.
Benefits of Buying from Us
  • Up to three sets of inserts free for a year.
  • Reasonable prices.
  • High quality and unique products.
Customer Interaction
  • Encouragement to leave comments and questions for future videos.
  • Personal phone number available on the homepage for direct communication.
  • Link provided for additional information on diabetes.
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Diabetic footwear for men should be unique, it should be a little different. And that is it should have variations of width. It should be all leather or breathable upper. It should have an insert that comes with it, and that’s this insert. You want to change out the insert every four months. This raises the temperature up 2% and keeps the disease out of the foot. It has this, by Medicare standards, it should have adjustable because of a lot of times diabetes develops edema, swelling, and in turn, your tie or a Velcro will give you that adjustability.

We do a lot of athletic shoes, hiking boots, we do a ton of different diabetic footwear. And someone asked the other day is diabetic footwear have to look ugly? No, no. And there is lot of people out there with it. But make sure you get an orthopedic therapeutic, not a comfort. Orthopedic therapeutic design because I want you to have that deeper toe box. I want you to have that fuller toe box. I want you to have the by… the lateral no additional movement to your foot going side to side. And in turn this works out.

One thing nice about us is that you’ll get three sets up to three sets of these last few for a whole year free. Free, there is no charge for that. And our prices are extremely reasonable. And these no one can touch. They’re fantastic.

So, I appreciate you watching the video, I want you to fill out the comments down below. And if you’ve got any new questions or new topics you want to talk about, let us know we would like to put them in our future videos.

We’d like to answer the questions and you’ve got my phone number. My phone number is sitting in right on the homepage and give me a call and I will personally answer and we’ll talk and click on the link down below and this will give you more additional information about diabetics. Thank you very much!

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