Finding the right shoe width is a crucial yet often overlooked aspect of purchasing footwear. Especially for individuals with wider feet, the journey to discovering that perfect pair can sometimes feel like a challenging endeavor. This article aims to shed light on the availability of 14E width shoes, which offer a blend of comfort, style, and function for those in search of extra spaciousness.

Section Description
Understanding Shoe Width Delving into the importance of shoe width in finding the ideal fit
The 14E Width Exploration Discovering the availability and advantages of 14E wide shoes
Brands Offering Width Highlighting brands that cater to 14E width shoes and the variety they offer
Ensuring the Right Fit Tips on ensuring a perfect fit with wide shoes
Conclusion Summarizing the journey and key takeaways

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Understanding Shoe Width

Grasping the significance of shoe width is the cornerstone of embarking on a journey towards comfortable and well-fitting footwear. It goes beyond mere size, extending into the realms of comfort, support, and overall foot health. The spectrum of shoe widths ranges from narrow to extra-wide, each designed to accommodate various foot shapes and conditions. Understanding your foot’s width and the availability of different shoe widths is the first stride towards a comfortable walking experience.

The 14E Width Exploration

The mention of 14E width shoes brings a glimmer of hope to those with wider feet or specific foot conditions. Among the offerings at, Apis emerges as a pioneer, presenting both shoes and boots in the coveted 14E width. It’s not merely about extra space; it’s about crafting a haven for feet that crave roominess without forsaking style.

“The 14E width shoes from Apis changed my life. The comfort and roominess are unparalleled, and I no longer dread having to put shoes on every morning.” – John D.

Discover the 14E Men’s and 14E Women’s shoes by Apis, which epitomize the strides the footwear industry has taken towards inclusivity.

14E Wide Shoes For Men

Brands Offering Width

While Apis stands tall in the 14E width arena, other brands like Propet and Orthofeet extend their offerings up to 6E or 9E. These brands have created a niche by providing a variety of wide fit shoes that cater to different foot shapes and conditions.

Each brand has its unique take on design, emphasizing various aspects like breathable materials, supportive toe boxes, and stylish aesthetics, aiming to provide a delightful and comfortable footwear experience.

Ensuring the Right Fit

Achieving the perfect fit in footwear goes beyond just picking a size; it’s a meticulous process that warrants a blend of the right length, width, depth, and design. An essential aspect of this is accurately measuring your foot size, which can be done comfortably at your home. Below are the steps and supplies needed to measure your feet at home:

Supplies Needed:

  • A sheet of paper (larger than your foot)
  • A pencil or pen
  • A ruler or measuring tape
  • A flat and even surface
  • A chair (for sitting while tracing your foot)

Steps to Measure Your Feet:

  1. Place the paper on the flat surface and step onto it with one foot.
  2. While seated, trace the outline of your foot onto the paper, holding the pencil or pen upright and perpendicular to the paper.
  3. Repeat the process with your other foot as there might be a size difference between both feet.
  4. With the ruler or measuring tape, measure the longest part of your foot (from the heel to the tip of your longest toe) and the widest part of your foot (usually across the ball of your foot).
  5. Record these measurements and fill out the shoe fitment form to determine your accurate shoe size and width.

This procedure will help you get accurate measurements of your foot, which is a cornerstone for choosing footwear that provides comfort and alleviates common foot issues like blisters and bunions. When opting for wide or extra-wide shoes, understanding the dimensions each brand offers can significantly influence your experience. It’s also beneficial to consider the shape of the toe box, the material of the shoe, and the overall design as these factors play crucial roles in ensuring comfort and preventing foot issues.


The quest for 14E width shoes unveils a pathway towards achieving both comfort and style. With brands like Apis leading the charge, the horizon seems promising for those in search of extra roominess. The exploration illuminates the importance of accurate shoe width and the options available, guiding you towards making an informed decision.

Reach Out for Expert Guidance

If questions linger or guidance is needed, feel free to contact DT Footwear fit specialist for personalized assistance. Our experts are here to guide you towards achieving Happy Feet. With a plethora of footwear options available, stepping into comfort and style has never been easier.

14E Wide Shoes For Women

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