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If you have major swelling in your feet, we can create a comfortable fit for you.

Swelling is something we hear about a great deal. I mean, swelling that your feet are three or four times the size that they should be. And everybody says, “Ron, we can’t get fit. I can’t find shoes for it.”
Well, I want to tell you, we’ve got 9E shoes for men, the 10E and 14E. We have one shoe that just got rated the number one shoe in the world. I’m not going to go into it because you can find more information about this by checking out our edema guide for swollen feet here.

  • We have a higher toe box for you.
  • We have a deeper heel counter with a four-ply or four wraps in the heel counter, that’s the heel.
  • A midsection doesn’t let you have a bilateral movement.
  • We have a shoe that will fit your feet.
  • We’ve got these widths and custom order sizes for you. That’s what makes us quite unique.
  • We can help you and you need the widths, you need toe box, you need to be able to wiggle your toes to generate circulation.

Then we’re going to add these great inserts for you that actually raise the temperature 2% and generate circulation. We’ll not eliminate edema. Never get rid of diabetes. We will definitely reduce it for you and keep it out of your feet and decline your swelling over a period of time.

So, give me a comment. Give me what you think about this situation. Give me a new topic you want and you got my phone number. You got my phone number on the website, give me a call. I will be answering the phone and let’s talk and let’s resolve some of your problems.

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    Please im falling apart mentally because I’m so tried. I cant find shoes that fit. I have severe lymphodema in both legs and severe swelling on both including my feet. Please help your my last hope

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