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Which Shoes are Best For Edema

Ron talking about Edema
Edema is a common condition that can affect the feet and ankles. It is also called swelling or fluid retention. It is often caused by long periods of standing or sitting, being pregnant, taking certain medicines, or having a health problem like heart failure or kidney disease. Edema can make you feel uncomfortable or even hurt, so it’s important to pick the right shoes to help ease these symptoms. In this blog post, we’ll .

Swollen Feet (Edema) – The Complete Shoe Guide

If you suffer with swollen feet (adema), you know the frustration and pain “normal” shoes cause to your feet. Finding a quality shoe in the extra wide sizes needed can be a challenge for many. Especially when you are looking for stylish, comfortable footwear provides the room you need for your swollen feet and ankles. Good news for you, stylish, comfortable extra wide men’s shoes and extra wide women’s shoes for swollen feet do exist.  When looking .