One of the top Pickleball Senior Single Players in the World!

Mattias Johansson3h  · 

What a crazy day @officialapptour in Boca Raton, Florida!

A lot of ups and downs! I am not sure that I truly deserved to capture the Boca singles title since I was very close to be out of the tournament in three straight matches.

But, I guess the margins sometimes are on your side – and today was definitely one of these days. It is really unbelievable to have the opportunity to travel around and play professional pickleball.

Who would not want to go to Boca for a weekend!!@officialapptour and @kenherrmannn once again nailed another tournament and deserves a lot of credit along with all the people behind the scenes to make these events so great again and again.

Thank you @boxcarpropickleball for great coverage, and @thejohndavison for great commentary.

Big thank you to our amazing referees and volunteers!!

On the other hand, capturing my 10th singles tour title here in Boca- is pretty wild and I would never have dreamed about such an outcome since my first title in June 2021.

For now, I am accepting the fact that I’m more of a singles specialist – and of course, I am very happy to win the singles title with such a top-notch field.

Congrats to @_paulolin and @boulderpickleball (silver and bronze medalists).

Many thanks to @engagepickleball I look forward to three weeks off from tournaments to recharge my body – playing some fun social pickleball with my wife and friends, working on my doubles and mixed doubles game, and hopefully my improvements in these categories will one day show up on the scoreboard!

Also, Thank you @nvzpickleball @medicileaf , @dtfootwearcom , @picklejuice , @sportrx , @tustinhillsracquetclub .

None of this would have been possible without their support and of course, my family allowing me to try to be as good as a can be in pickleball!!

Thank you friends who cheer me on from home!

Look forward to PPA footsolution and APP Punta Gorda in February!!

We are very excited in  him being part of our family and wearing our DTFootwear and helping in is adventure of gold and success in the Pickleball world!


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