Pickleball / Tennis Court Shoes Club that Offers 2 Pairs of Shoes FREE Every ...

Why do you need this 300 club?

The only Website site on the planet that offers two pairs of Pickleball/Tennis shoes for FREE! That is Orthopedic/Therapeutic lasted and upper constructed!

First: The reason why we have one of the best pickleball/tennis shoes on the market today.

We are actual Orthopedic/Therapeutic lasted and constructed uppers that mean: No bilateral or side to side movement that cuts 60 additional wear and tear to your legs, feet, back, knees, and all of the lower half of your body.
Most pickleball/tennis shoes offer two or maybe three widths if you’re lucky, and that is for Men and Ladies. We offer up to six widths to choose from, and men’s and Lady’s styles are all included.
All our styles offer removable footbeds. So you can put your customized or special inserts inside our shoes. Most pickleball/tennis shoes have a permeate insert that will not allow you to do such a transfer.
We have a deeper toe box and more substantial and deeper heel support, and this creates more wiggle room and better support and balance to your feet.
Many of our styles have extended bottoms that allow you to have no hangover dealing with your feet and the bottom of the shoe.
All of our “0” series have that unbelievable airflow heel system, and this added support and balance to your heel in every movement you have on the court. Yes, for Men and Lady styling.
Not all pickleball or tennis shoes will go in oversizing when dealing with lengths. Yes, we have up to 17 for men and 15 for ladies that are in stock.
Now, add these out-of-the-world expert Triple-Layer Heat Moldable Customized Inserts that will make a 100 percent difference on the court to create added support, comfort, balance, and perfect stability to your feet. I forgot to tell you with the 300 club – that you get four pairs of these inserts, FREE per year! These inserts have a cradling heel, t-bar support, raise arch support, upper material that molds to the bottom of your foot and that will increase circulation to the bottom of your feet throughout your body as well.
A superior upper has the flexibility and softness that gives your feet significant support but will cradle the needs of the top of your foot.
There is more but running out of space.

A few videos that will provide these advantages by illustrations:

The differences between conventional athletic footwear and our Orthopedic/Therapeutic design and construction:

Let show you the comparison of standard inserts to our Great Triple- Layer Heat Moldable Customized Inserts:

Airflow system found in our “0” series:

You’ll receive the following items.

 There is an 83 cent charge per day for the most support, balance, comfort, and strength in any athletic footwear you have ever worn!

  1. Two pairs of shoes of your choice are FREE: For the year and get all at once – or one pair now and the second pair when you are ready.
A $256.00 value for FREE!
2.  You’ll receive four pairs of our Famous Heat Moldable Customized Inserts on your first transaction!
A $320.00 value for FREE!.
3. Shipping is Free in the USA.
An estimate of $35.00 for both pairs
4. If you want any additional pairs – you’ll receive 20 percent off – on the shoes and inserts!
An average saying for the shoe and pair of inserts of $42.00
5. If you ever want Customize Foam Box inserts, that is usually $225.00 to $500.00 a pair, and you can have them for $95.00!
A saving of (using a $350.00 as the average cost for a Customized Insert) of $255.00
6. You can purchase any Vulcan brackets and accessories for 15 percent off.
Average saying if you use all the benefits offered to you:
All this would cost you $921.50! 

Here is saving for a yearly membership of $621.50 per year.


Viewing Styles: 

Men’s styles and additional information 

Women’s Styles with additional information on each style

We have been asked if the Yearly Fee is refundable?

Yes, will start you with one pair of shoes and insert.

If you are not happy with the shoes in a 30-day trial, we refund your money. 

That is how much we believe in our shoes. 

How to Order:

 ORDER HERE, and your charge of $300.00 will apply directly to your cart. Then fill out the billing, credit shipping information and submit the order.
Once that is done, email us at DTFwidefootwear3@gmail.com, and tell us what style and size, and width that you want. Then off comes your first  pair with an insert – (note do not enter styles into the website because you’ll be billed for these two pairs)