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Ladies and Gentlemen, Do You Need Wider Shoes for Your Feet? We are Here!! EXTRA WIDE WIDTHS FOR ALL!

Is it time to give your feet that needed wiggle room in your shoes? Let get those Extra Wide Shoes on your feet! We got the answer! THOSE 9E 10E OR 14 E WIDTHS for Men and Lady’s styles! Here are styles that we carry and can convert into a needed width with our Special Order program. MEN’S WIDTHS: 9E WIDTHS: Stocked Special Order Program 10E WIDTHS: Stocked Special Order Program 14 E WIDTHS: .

Where Not a Website just for Widths, Lengths, and Great Fit! We are a line of footwear that has “Designer Fashionable” LOOKS!

Where Not a Website just for Widths, Lengths, and Great Fit! We are a line of footwear that has “Designer Fashionable” LOOKS!   We are ORTHOPEDIC/THERAPEUTIC/ADVANCED COMFORT DESIGN uppers and constructed lasts. Wow, three elements of success in one shoe and you don’t find that in most shoes on the internet! First, a story about Dtfootwear I still own a Medical Company (DTF CO) that handles footwear for the diabetic’s coast to coast.   Going .

Comfortable Wide Width Shoes

We are Way More Than Just a Comfort Shoe Line! DTF Footwear has carved out a unique niche in our industry, helping us stand out from our competitors and grow rapidly.   We Are A Advance Comfort System Line, then an Orthopedic lasted upper line, then a Therapeutic Constructed Base Line and all three elements, that usually only find other shoe lines, in one pair of shoes  Besides top-notch customer service, we take pride in supplying .

Fashionable Wide Width Shoes

Fashionable Wide Width Shoes that are great in appearances, fit, support, balance. Then, the strongest midsection in the shoe world, widths out of this world, and lengths you only dream about! Yes, we are an Orthopedic/ Therapeutic/ Advance Comfort System. Then,  we are “DESIGNER FASHIONABLE UPPERS AND CONSTRUCTIONS.” We are called Designer Therapeutic/Orthopedic Footwear. Fashionable Wide Width that looks great, but they are Shoes that help prevent arch pains.   What To Do About Arch Pain?  The term .

Extra Wide Shoes

WHY ARE WIDE WIDTH SHOES SO IMPORTANT?   I’LL LET THE VIDEO DO ALL THE EXPLAINING. SEXY LADY SANDALS AND MEN’S MASCULINE STYLING IN ALL OUR FAMOUS WIDTHS. DOES ANYBODY NEED EXTRA WIDE WIDTHS FOR MEN AND WOMEN? /DTFOOTWEAR.COM    Ladies, have you been spending your summers wearing thin-soled, flat- bottomed, very stylish sandals and wonder why your feet are causing you so much discomfort?  Cute sandals don’t always mean comfortable, and comfortable sandals don’t have to forgo style.  .