Mattias Johansson,

He had another tournament this weekend and came up with the silver for his single play.

Our shoes look good on his feet and being we can help him in accomplishing his goals.
Then you, as a player, should maybe take a look at our footwear and insert combination.
Then we can help you reach your goals on the court!

The best selection of widths, in the pickleball world, and inserts that are formed directly to your feet!

Update on my play this weekend:

Played with my daughter, son-in-law, and one of Atlanta Brave’s radio announcers in a 4 match doubles of pickleball.
My daughter and I were wearing our shoes and inserts and our feet felt great, after the matches but the other two were not so lucky.
These shoes and inserts make an unbelievable difference on the court!”

WOW, a combination that you’ll fall in love with!



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