Some questions that you might need to hear the answers to:

1) Diabetic shoes need to be Bulky and Ugly?

A good question but not True! We at www.dtfootwear.com believe in designer fashionable appealing footwear or shoes. Then we add that world-famous width, lengths, and our unbelievable be triple-layer customized inserts for that over-the-top comfort and support system.

2 ) Do diabetic shoes have to be seamless in the lining?

Yes, there needs to be no irritation to the foot. Being diabetic, they are susceptible to wounds that could turn into ulcerations if not treated.

3 ) Do diabetic shoes have to have adjustability on the forefront of the shoe?

Yes, because of the need to enlarge or decrease the opening of the shoes. Significantly if the individual has swelled to their feet. This is why slip-on’s not recommended to diabetic’s

4 ) Do Edema (swelling) and diabetes work hand in hand?

Yes, in most cases because of lack of circulation. This is where are 6E 7E 9E 10E 14E plays just an essential part in the success of fitting all our diabetic’s

5) Is this a problem? When are diabetic feet hanging over the bottom of the shoe because of a lack of widths?

Yes, remember people with diabetes are more susceptible to wounds or irritation to the foot, and when you have a hangover – you will ride the rim of the bottom of the shoe, which can cause severe problems to the feet.

It would help if you had a valid extension to the bottom of your shoes.

6) Does the upper of the shoe need to be actual leather or stretchable uppers to create the proper fit for your feet?

When your feet change sizes during the day, these shoes need to emulate your needs, and artificial uppers will not do this.

7) Should diabetic shoes have more padding around the heel and tongue of the shoe?

Yes, these are two areas that edema and irritation originate, and the added padding helps protect and cushion these areas of the foot.

What, at DTFootwear.com, do we have to say about Diabetic Shoes:

Is it mandatory that Diabetic footwear need strength in the heel and midsection?

Yes, it is mandatory because we do not want any additional wear and tear added to the feet!

Watch this video, and you see why if you’re in conventional comfort or athletic footwear, you add 2 to 3 times more wear and tear to your feet because of bilateral movement.



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I am Ron Heinlein, CEO of www.dtfootwear.com, and I have over 50 years of experience providing excellent service and products to more than 750,00 persons.

Dealing with our superb footwear service and products for over 25 years.

 Hopefully, the most comfort those for your needs as well.

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