1) Why diabetic need a special shoe?

The sensitivity of their feet and the protection of their feet because of the disease settling in their feet
2) Why is it mandatory that a Diabetic has these Triple-Layer Heat Moldable Customize Insets?
The inserts keep the disease out of your feet, and you have to have these inserts for this diabetic program to work!
The shoe protects the foot, and inserts increase the temperature under your foot, creating additional circulation to your feet and thought out your body. Or, help to keep the diabetics out of your feet!

3) Does Diabetic need wider-fitting shoes?

In all your shoes, as a person with diabetes, you need a wiggle or comfort room.
 But, not too much where you move around and create irritation to the feet.
4) Does Diabetic need Orthopedic/Therapeutic footwear?
Yes, Orthopedic last and construction mean more substantial support to the foot. 
Therapeutic means more room and depth to the upper of the shoe.

5) Does a Diabetic need extra toe space?

If we squeeze the foot, we cut off circulation to the rest of the body, and we need most of the wiggle room, dealing with footwear, in the toe box, and instep.
6) Does a Diabetic need seamless shoes?
Seamless means a lining in a shoe that has no outer stitching or seams that will irritate the foot of a diabetic
7) Do Diabetics need adjustable over their instep dealing with their shoes?
Yes, the two areas that the most irritable to a person with diabetes is the toe area and the foot’s instep area. So, we need that maximum comfort and support, and room in these two areas and all our shoes offer these two essential items.

8 ) Do Diabetic shoes need to be UGLY?

NO, we are a Designer looking fashionable styling, and we try to keep away from the word UGLY!
9) What is meant by Advanced Comfort System and Designer Styling offer by www.dtfootwear.com?
Most diabetic or any shoe is what we call Comfort Shoe, which is correct with Athletic footwear. 
We go 4 steps farther:
Orthopedic: Last construction
Therapeutic: last uppers
Advanced Comfort System: means more advanced outsoles or bottoms, and then our unbelievable Triple-layer Heat Moldable Customize Inserts that we give to you FREE!
Then we have a Designer approach to our looks, dealing with our shoes.
10) Do ladies that wear 4A or 2A need our shoes if they are Diabetic?
Yes, we have 4A Slenders for Ladies, eight styles.
We have 2A Narrow for ladies in 78 styles.
We have B Narrow for Men and eight styles. 
If we give them too much room for narrow feet, they move around in the shoe, which creates added irritation that could cause wounds and, if not treated, Uclerations.

11) Do we have Diabetic footwear in a 9E, 10E, or 14E width for Men and Ladies?

Yes, we do, and one of the only or few offers such widths in the shoe world!
12) Do we have a shoe that will work for an individual with swelling in their instep and ankle and is a diabetic?
We have the number one style for swelling, hammertoes, bunions in the world! For Men and Women!
13) Do we have diabetic footwear in larger sizes for Men and Women?
Yes, up t a 15 in women in widths 4A to 14 D
Yes, up to a 20 in Men’s in D to 14E widths

14) Do we have smaller sizes, with widths, for Men or Lady’s styles?

Yes, Men’s 5 to 7 in D 4E 6E can make these styles in 9E 10E 14E.
Yes, Ladies 4 to 6 in D D 3E 5E 7E can make these tyles in a 9E 190E 14E widths.
15) Can we create different widths and styles for people with diabetes in our Special Order program?
Yes, with no problem!
16) Is our cost a great more reasonable than what Medicare would charge?
Medicare charges for one pair of shoes and 3 sets of inserts $392.00; we at www.dtfootwear.com charges for the same shoe and 3 sets of inserts $128.00 to $145.00

17) Is all our diabetic footwear approved by the government or what we call SEDMARC approved?

This means that our shoes are okay to bill through the Medicare program, and the government has given the seal of approval! Note, we do not bill Medicare because we do not come to you and fit the shoe on your foot.
18) Do we ship diabetic footwear all over the world?
Yes, all over the world
19) Can we backorder Diabetic footwear?
Yes, you can use our backorder system when dealing with diabetic shoes!

20) Where can we find a great selection of Diabetic shoes for Lady’s or Men’s styles?

We have 987 styles for Men and Women, and 85 percent of these styles are diabetic-friendly.
21) What width selection does your site offer? 
4A to 14 D, in widths, for Men and Ladies.
22) Is a 3 to 1 combination last important for a person with diabetes when dealing with their shoes?
The wider we go in a women’s width, the wider the heel goes typically, in a conventional shoe or athletic footwear. With us, www.dtootwear.com, we have 3 to 1 combination last, and that means our heel counter is always 3 times narrow in the heel than the ball width of the shoe.
So, with our shoes, you always have that tighter fit in the heel!

23) The question I received the other day: Can you fit a person who needs a 20 in 14E and a person with diabetes?

Yes, we have several styles to choose from.
24) Does Diabetic footwear need strength in the heel and midsection?
Yes, it is mandatory because we do not want any added wear and tear added to the feet!
Watch this video, and you see why if you’re in conventional comfort or athletic footwear, you add 2 to 3 times more wear and tear to your feet because of bilateral movement.
(4) Therapeutic vs. Comfort Shoe – YouTube

Therapeutic vs Comfort Shoe

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