What makes http://www.dtfootwear.com so Unique?

Being Orthopedic/Therapeutic/Designer, Advanced Comfort System constructed and lasted uppers!
Yes, one of the only lines with all four success elements built into a pair of shoes for Men and Ladies.
The everyday Comfort footwear found on the internet is Conventional Comfort Shoes and Conventional Athletic footwear:
No support in the upper and no support for your bottom of your feet.

We have offered four significant elements that make our shoe so much more advanced.

Then what you find in the conventional and the orthopedic world of footwear!

Orthopedic:           construction upper
Therapeutic:           lasted uppers

Designer:      creates uppers for fashion and styling.

Advanced Comfort System:                 Air Flow heel System, the most substantial midsection and heel counter globally.

Then add these unbelievable Triple-Layer Heat Moldable Customize Inserts that create more stable feet with added protection and added support. That is Free!

Now an added video that talks about, in more detail, what these elements mean to your feet and body:



Let us show you the differences between a CONVENTIONAL COMFORT OR ATHLETIC FOOTWEAR to our styles:


A few Of our Designer, Orthopedic, Therapeutic, and Advanced Comfort System:




We hope these videos give you a better understanding of our products

Thank you,

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