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Consider one of the strongest forward arms in the business!

Our shoes look good on his feet and being we can help him in accomplishing [...]

Mattias Johansson Captures Boca Singles Title in Pickleball

One of the top Pickleball Senior Single Players in the World! Mattias Johansson3h  ·  What a [...]

What Everyone Is Saying About Diabetic Shoes

Some questions that you might need to hear the answers to: 1) Diabetic shoes need [...]

How Wide Shoes Can Make Me A Better Person

You’re personally is controlled by the aches and pain that come from your body! Your [...]

Questions and Answers dealing with Diabetic Shoes

1) Why diabetic need a special shoe? The sensitivity of their feet and the protection [...]

Extra Extra Wide Shoes

Is it time to give your feet that needed wiggle room in your shoes? We [...]

Men’s Wide Width Athletic Shoes

Men, we have your width in most of our athletic footwear. Men’s Wide Width Athletic [...]

What is consider Extra Wide Tennis Shoes?

What is consider Extra Wide Tennis Shoes? 4 E, 6 E, 7 E WIDTHS   [...]

Do All Our Stocked 9E Styles Fit the Same?

In the 9E section (stocked), the athletic bottom is a prefab bottom and does not [...]

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