Sometimes when we needed additional width we have to be a bit creative.

Putting a Women in a Men’s style when needed for those Women’s Wide Width Athletic shoes and the size is not stock for them.

When a woman has a significant width foot, can we put her into a Men’s Tennis shoes?

Let me tell you a story that happens three weeks ago.

I had a lady purchase a Ladies 9 1/2 5E in an athletic footwear style, and it was not wide enough for her.

So, we have two choices, and that is going to a 7E or 9E, in a ladies sizing, and it will have to go through the Special Order program.

Or then, go to a men’s style in a smaller size.
We both decided to go to the Men’s style, and this can be returned, whereas a Special Order can not be returned or exchanged.
Note, when going to a Men’s style – you go down one full size.
So, dealing with my story, we went to 8 1/2 9E, and they fit her like a glove. So she got a 9 1/2 5E in women’s style at first, then we exchanged for an 8 1/2 9E in Men’s fashion.
All styles for Men in the 9E found:  Men’s 9E Style Shoes, Footwear Store Online | Dtfootwear
Why is Wiggle Room Mandatory when Choosing a Wide Width shoe?

When we offer those unbelievable Triple Layer Heat Moldable Customize insert to you and oh yes, they are FREE to your or a value up to $240.00 gift from us to you.

So these inserts create better circulation to your feet and entire body.
It lets these generous inserts support and creates that need added circulation to your feet and your whole body!

How, by raising the temperature to your feet up with a 2 percent rise in your foot temperature. 

This raise will stimulate the many nerves ending that you have in the bottom of your feet!
With this stated, if our shoes are squeezing your foot, we have eliminated the primary function of these inserts.

Then, when your feet have no wiggle room in the toe box, this defeats the whole concept of added circulation to your feet and your entire body.

The World of Added Support to a pair of shoes

These inserts also create excellent support needed to complete the maximum comfort allowed for any pair of shoes.

Most Conventional Comfort Shoes or Athletic footwear not constructed to handle inserts of just depth!

Try to put one of our inserts into your comfort or athletic shoe, and most likely, you will not be able to get your foot into the shoe!
We have Orthopedic, Therapeutic, Advance Comfort footwear that gives you that need wiggle room in the toes. It provides you mid-section support in the central part of the shoe.

Then, ad the most substantial heel support found in the shoe world.

In Conclusion,   

We have Fashionable or Designer styling in our footwear and offer all our great features as well! 


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