Bunions, a common foot ailment, often call for special attention in footwear choices to prevent discomfort and further foot issues. The root cause of bunions is often a combination of structural and environmental factors, which means that the right footwear can significantly alleviate the associated discomfort. This guide serves to illuminate the path to finding the perfect pair of shoes if bunions are a concern, aligning with expert podiatrist advice for optimal foot health. Our focus will encompass the importance of shoe width, the technical aspects of foot measurement, and the benefits of opting for wider-width shoes. Alongside, we’ve summarized the core topics of discussion in the following table, which will aid in navigating through the intricacies of making well-informed footwear decisions.

Topic Key Points
Importance of Shoe Width Alleviating pressure on bunions, enabling natural foot movement
Technical Foot Measurement Ensuring precise shoe fit, accommodating bunions comfortably
Benefits of Wider-Width Shoes Enhanced comfort, reduced progression of bunion deformity

The realms of comfort and foot health beckon as we delve into the significance of shoe width, especially when bunions are part of the equation.

Importance of Shoe Width

The width of a shoe is paramount in ensuring a comfortable and supportive environment for your feet. Particularly, when dealing with bunions, a wider shoe can provide the space needed for the bunion area, reducing the pressure and friction that may exacerbate the condition.

When you have bunions, a narrow shoe can cause severe discomfort and can even lead to further foot issues. The extra pressure on the bunion can cause inflammation, soreness, and in severe cases, can lead to more deformity. It’s essential to consider the width of the shoe to allow for a more natural foot position and movement.

Besides offering relief to the bunion area, the right shoe width also accommodates the natural shape and movement of the foot. This, in turn, can lead to better overall foot health, and may even aid in slowing the progression of bunions over time.

A noteworthy mention is the variety of wider-width shoes available at DT Footwear, catering to unique needs with brands like Apis, Orthofeet, and Propet. These brands offer a range of wide width shoes, ensuring there’s a perfect fit for everyone.

Key Footwear Considerations for Bunions

Look For Avoid
Wide Width Narrow Width
Roomy Toe Box Tight Toe Box
Soft, Flexible Material Hard, Rigid Material
Adequate Arch Support Lack of Arch Support
Cushioned Insoles Thin or Hard Insoles
Adjustable Closures (laces, Velcro) Fixed Closures
Seamless Interior Seams that Rub Against the Bunion
Shock Absorbing Sole Hard, Unyielding Sole
Shoes with Depth Shoes Lacking Depth
Rounded or Oval Toe Shape Pointy Toe Shape

The spectrum of shoe widths available (such as 6E, 9E or even 14E) caters to different foot shapes and specific foot issues, ensuring a conducive environment for your feet. In the next section, we’ll delve into the technical aspects of measuring your feet to secure that perfect fit.

Woman's Athletic Knit Shoe | Tour Knit by Propet

Woman's Athletic Knit Shoe | Tour Knit by Propet
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5, 5.5, 6, 6.5, 7, 7.5, 8, 8.5, 9, 9.5, 10, 11, 12, 13


AA, B, E, 2E, 4E

soft measuring tapeTechnical Foot Measurement

Accurate foot measurement is the cornerstone of finding shoes that fit well, especially when contending with bunions. The process encompasses measuring both the length and width of your foot to ensure a snug yet comfortable fit.

  • Length Measurement: Knowing the exact length of your foot is the first step. It’s crucial to measure from the heel to the longest toe to get an accurate measurement.
  • Width Measurement: For individuals with bunions, a wider measurement is typically observed due to the protrusion at the base of the big toe. DT Footwear emphasizes the importance of measuring the width of your foot to ensure a comfortable fit.
  • Depth Measurement: Ensuring the right shoe depth will allow the foot to sit comfortably in the shoe, especially essential for those with high insteps or bunions.

The Shoe Fitment Form at DT Footwear is a valuable resource in educating customers on precise shoe fitting. This form assists in obtaining accurate foot measurements, thereby guiding towards the right footwear choices, essential for those with bunions.

Armed with precise foot measurements, the journey towards making well-informed footwear decisions is well underway. The upcoming section unravels the benefits of opting for wider-width shoes, shedding light on why they are a commendable choice for individuals with bunions.

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Men Athletic Mesh Walking Shoes | 9704
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  • Comfort and Support: Designed with features such as breathable mesh, EVA midsole, and slip-resistant sole, offering comfort and support suitable for orthotics and foot health needs.
  • Versatile Sizing Options: Available in a wide range of sizes, including 9E as stock, and special orders available for 10E and 14E widths, catering to a broad spectrum of foot shapes and sizes.
  • Special Features for Foot Health: The shoe includes a removable insole for flexible fitting, added depth for better accommodation of orthotics, AFOs, and internal modifications, making it ideal for those with specific foot concerns.
  • Limited Color Options: Only available in black or grey
  • Special Order Requirement for Certain Widths: Widths such as 10E and 14E are available only through special orders, which can take 6-8 weeks for delivery.
  • Narrow Tongue: Some users have reported that the tongue of the shoe might be narrow for their preference, potentially affecting the overall fit.

Black, Grey


5, 5.5, 6, 6.5, 7, 7.5, 8, 8.5, 9, 9.5, 10, 10.5, 11, 11.5, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18, 19, 20


D, 4E, 6E, 9E, 10E, 14E

Benefits of Wider-Width Shoes

Wider-width shoes are a boon for individuals with bunions, offering a sanctuary of comfort and ample space for the feet to breathe and move naturally. The benefits extend beyond mere comfort, contributing positively to foot health.

  • Alleviation of Pressure: The primary benefit of wider-width shoes is the alleviation of pressure on the bunion area. The extra space allows the foot to rest in a more natural position, which is crucial in preventing further discomfort or worsening of the bunion deformity.
  • Better Toe Alignment: Wider-width shoes often come with a spacious or relaxed toe box, allowing for better toe alignment and reducing cramping.
  • Reduced Progression of Bunions: A roomy toe box also contributes to reducing the progression of bunions over time.

The choice of shoe material also plays a pivotal role. Materials like leather that are capable of molding to the shape of the foot can provide additional comfort. DT Footwear offers a variety of shoes with a wide toe box and breathable materials, ensuring an ideal abode for your feet.

These advantages underscore the importance of making well-informed footwear choices, especially when bunions are a concern. The journey towards “Happy Feet” is laden with considerations of shoe width, precise foot measurement, and the myriad benefits that wider-width shoes bring to the table.


The saga of bunions and footwear is a narrative of comfort, support, and informed choices. By understanding the importance of shoe width, engaging in precise foot measurement, and opting for wider-width shoes, individuals with bunions can stride towards a realm of comfort and improved foot health. The harmony between the right footwear and foot health is a melody that resonates with every step taken, ensuring a journey free of foot woes.

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