Flat Feet Shoes Solutions For Better Comfort and Support

Are you dealing with flat feet? Let me tell you how DT Footwear can help you get better comfort and support.

Flat feet is something we hear quite often here at DT Footwear. Basically, your arch has collapsed. It hasn’t broken but it’s just flattened out. With the arch support missing, this will normally flatten your feet out.

People with flat feet will have wider feet and they need a shoe with a higher toe box, stronger midsection, a heel counter that has more support. We want to cut out the bilateral, the side to side movement of your foot in your shoes.

But what we also want to do is make sure you have an insert that doesn’t have a raised arch, because you don’t need it. And we still want to give you full support underneath your foot. But we need to eliminate some of that arch to properly support your feet.

And this is something that I have heard over the years. “What do you do?” Well, a conventional shoe or comfort shoes are great, but they don’t have the depth in the toe box. They don’t have a wider toe box to give the width of your feet room to relax into the shoe. They need that toe box area because they’re just cramped like crazy in a conventional shoe.

Any shoe that is orthopedic therapeutic should help with your flat feet. Again width, you have to make sure you have the proper shoe widths because the shape of your feet change as the arch drops.

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