Comfortable Wide Width Shoes

We are Way More Than Just a Comfort Shoe Line!

DTF Footwear has carved out a unique niche in our industry, helping us stand out from our competitors and grow rapidly. 

 We Are A Advance Comfort System Line, then an Orthopedic lasted upper line, then a Therapeutic Constructed Base Line and all three elements, that usually only find other shoe lines, in one pair of shoes

 Besides top-notch customer service, we take pride in supplying a superior product backed with proper fit insurance. Whether your foot ailments stem from an orthopedic nature or a therapeutic one, we have the right product for you.   

 We value a product built to last and modified to suit specific medical needs. From added support and stabilized balance to extra toe width and heel height, DTF covers it all without sacrificing style



 We offer a 3 to 1 combination when women need a narrower width at the heel.   


 We’re one of the few e-commerce businesses offering wide widths with extended bottoms and airflow heel systems.  

 If you’re wearing an AFO and want more options in terms of style, we’ve considered your needs as well. 

We’ve done our best to leave no stone unturned, but we don’t stop there. DTF has the largest selection of widths and lengths amongst our competitors. From a 4A (women’s) to a 14E width (men’s and women’s), we have it.  

We cover up to a 15 in women’s styles and up to a 20 in men in lengths.  

 Lastly, we stand alone in our industry by offering up to three FREE pair of custom, heat-molded inserts with every pair of shoes purchased. That’s a $240 value- a thank you gift from us.  



 We’re here for every need your feet might have. We’re here to educate you on the best way we know-how. wants you wearing the right shoe, with the right FIT, explicitly designed to meet your needs. Your feet don’t have to suffer, nor does your sense of style. 

 We have Fashionable or Designer styling in our footwear and offer all our great features as well! 



Contact us today to start your journey to happier, healthier feet.    


Thank you for your time. 



  Ron Heinlein | President/Founder | 909-215-1622 | Designer Therapeutic Footwear Co. 

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