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What is a Tongue Pad For Shoes?

tongue pad for shoes
How many of you know what a tongue pad is? Raise your hand. Don’t see too many hands raised. Let’s talk about what a tongue pad is in todays blog. A tongue pad is used when the shoe is too large and you’re not able to lace up the shoes any tighter because the eyelets have come together in the center. To properly tighten the shoe, purchase tongue pads and place them under the .

Do Your Feet Change Size As We Age?

feet size change
Do your feet change size as we age? I got that question the other day and answer is yes – they get wider. Just as our waistline tends to get wider as we age, so do our feet. I used to wear a size 30 pant. Well, I don’t wear a size 30 pant now. I am not going to tell you what I wear. But it’s not a size 30! Over the years .

Benefit of Lightweight Shoe That’s Only 7 Ounces

Lightweight Shoes
There are 7-ounce shoes availible that have more support than shoes  twice their weight. What is the advantage of wearing a 7-ounce lightweight shoe? 7-ounces is considered one of the lightest shoes availible in the therapeutic orthopedic constructed shoe industry. The advantage is, especially when we get older and I’m not getting any younger! I’m moving a little bit slower even though I’m learning to play pickleball and doing a lot of new things .

5 Custom Shoe Lace Tricks For Sore Feet

shoe lace tricks
Let’s talk about laces and how you can adjust them for your foot problems. There is a chart below that you can view that will tell you how to adjust shoelaces for various foot problems. Five ways of adjusting your shoestrings Number one, your heel is loose. We have a way of tightening, adjusting the heel, or these laces I should say, and making the heel tighter.I go whoa, a lot of people don’t .

Shoes Too Tight? Adjust Inserts and Spacers

shoes too tight spacers and inserts
Let’s talk about shoe inserts and spacers to create more comfort for your feet. Spacers and inserts have to be sometimes adjusted when you get footwear from us. And that is that when you see an insert, as you see here, and you see a spacer that has two different colors. There always, there could be two of them underneath there. And the insert on top of this, okay? That takes a lot of .