Conventional Shoes vs Comfort Shoes

In this episode of the “Feel the Difference” podcast, host Ryan Perry discusses the significance of wearing the right shoes for foot health with Ron Heinlein, CEO and owner of DT Footwear. They discuss the difference between conventional shoes and orthopedic therapeutic shoes, and the impact that improper footwear can have on foot problems and discomfort.

Topic Key Points
Introduction – Discussion on “Feel the Difference” podcast.
– Importance of proper footwear for foot health.
Conventional Shoes vs Orthopedic Shoes – Conventional shoes are common but lack support.
– Orthopedic therapeutic footwear provides essential support.
Downsides of Insufficient Support – Foot irritation, toe space issues, and midsection slippage.
– Prolonged use leads to increased discomfort.
Identifying Foot Issues – Symptoms include sore feet, pain on top or bottom of the foot.
– Indicates need for better fitting or supportive shoes.
Improving Foot Health with Proper Footwear – Importance of width, construction, and inserts.
– Proper footwear choice can alleviate foot problems.
The Difference Made by DT Footwear – Offers shoes combining comfort and orthopedic support.
– Provides high-quality inserts for enhanced comfort.
Importance of Proper Shoe Measurement – Accurate measurement for the right fit.
– Feet size changes over time, proper sizing is crucial.
Conclusion – Emphasizes the crucial role of proper footwear.
– Highlights DT Footwear as a resource for supportive shoes.

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A significant part of the footwear market, particularly in online retail, is dominated by conventional or comfort shoes. While these shoes might seem comfortable at first glance, they often lack the necessary support that is vital for foot health.

Key Differences

  • Conventional/Comfort Shoes: Though popular, these shoes typically provide minimal support, potentially leading to foot issues.
  • Orthopedic Therapeutic Footwear: In contrast, this type of footwear is designed with proper support, crucial for preventing foot problems.

Downsides of Insufficient Support

The conversation then shifts to the implications of wearing shoes with inadequate support. Ryan and Ron discuss how such footwear can cause a variety of foot problems and discomforts.

Common Foot Problems

  • Foot irritation
  • Toe space issues due to narrow shoes
  • Long term squeezing of the feet can lead to corns, bunion and other foot issues

Impact of Improper Support

The prolonged use of shoes lacking proper support can exacerbate these issues, leading to increased discomfort and potential long-term damage to the feet.

Signs of Foot Problems

  • Sore feet at the end of the day
  • Pain on the top of the foot
  • Discomfort at the bottom of the foot

These symptoms are often indicative of the need for shoes with a better fit or more supportive design.

Improving Foot Health with Proper Footwear

As the conversation progresses, Ron emphasizes the significance of choosing the right footwear to alleviate and prevent foot problems.

Considerations for Shoe Selection

  1. Width: It’s crucial to choose a shoe that fits the width of your feet properly.
  2. Construction: Shoes with higher toe boxes and fuller contours provide better space and support.
  3. Inserts: High-quality inserts can significantly enhance foot support and comfort.

The Difference Made by DT Footwear

DT Footwear has the solution to foot problems related to poor fitting shoes by offering footwear that marries the comfort of conventional shoes with the support of orthopedic therapeutic footwear.

Importance of Proper Shoe Measurementsoft measuring tape

Another critical aspect discussed is the importance of accurately measuring your feet to ensure the perfect fit for your shoes.

Refer to our sizing guide to find the ideal shoe size and width for you, considering how feet change with age and weight. DT Footwear provides tools and guidance to assist in this process. DT Footwear aids customers in this process through direct guidance over the phone or though their YouTube channel..


The podcast wraps up by reiterating the importance of choosing the right footwear. Proper shoes not only improve foot health but also contribute to overall well-being. DT Footwear stands out as a beacon for those seeking shoes that offer both comfort and support, emphasizing that caring for your feet is caring for your entire body.

Reach out and contact a DT Footwear fit specialist for personalized assistance via phone, email or text. Our fitment experts are here to guide you towards achieving Happy Feet. With a variety of footwear options available, stepping into comfort and style has never been easier.

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